The Monroe Legacy is Sims 3 Pinstar legacy with a Hollywood mystery twist!

Our downtrodden founder Marlie Monroe discovers that she may have a link to the legendary Marilyn Monroe. Her attempts to find out more lead to the collapse of her already crumbling life and she finds herself in a strange town.

Isolated, penniless and insecure Marlie is haunted by her past but hopes that with a new beginning she can find happiness, find out more about her past and make something of her life.

Start at the beginning here and let me know what you think...

The Monroe Legacy follows the generations of the Monroe family through hard times and heart-ache as they each search for their own happy ending.

I hope you enjoy reading - I respond to all comments - constructive criticism is welcomed.

Rose xx
a.k.a. sneakysnoo in TS3 forums.

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