Chapter List with Links

Generation 1 - Marlie Monroe

Chapter One - Losing Marilyn
Chapter Two - The Truth Hurts
Chapter Three - Old Habits and New Tricks
Chapter Four - A Bump in the Road
Chapter Five - It's a Dog-Eat-Dog World
Chapter Six - The Past and The Future
Chapter Seven - True Colours
Chapter Eight - Silver Lining and Sweet Nothings
Chapter Nine - The Start of Something New?
Chapter Ten - Shadows of the Past
Chapter Eleven - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Chapter Twelve - Something Old and Something New
Chapter Thirteen - The Age of Innocence
Chapter Fourteen - Double Trouble
Chapter Fifteen - Finding Marilyn
Chapter Sixteen - First Dates and Heartbreaks
Chapter Seventeen - Seasons of Love
Chapter Eighteen - Sins of the Father
Chapter Nineteen - Goodbye Norma-Jeane
Chapter Twenty - As Time Goes By
Chapter Twenty-One - Daring to Dream
Chapter Twenty-Two - The Changing of the Guard

Generation 2 - Hallie Monroe

Chapter One - Growing Pains
Chapter Two - A Blank Canvas
Chapter Three - Black Sheep and White Weddings
Chapter Four - Red is the Colour Of...
Chapter Five - Grey Areas
Chapter Six - All That Glitters Is Not Gold
Chapter Seven - Tangled Up in Blue
Chapter Eight - You Can't Change the Past
Chapter Nine - Life After Death
Chapter Ten - You've Got a Friend In Me
Chapter Eleven - Out of the Ashes
Chapter Twelve - I'd Do Anything
Chapter Thirteen - Moments of Perfection
Chapter Fourteen - Fireside Fairytale
Chapter Fifteen - Expect the Unexpected
Chapter Sixteen - The Circus Comes to Town
Chapter Seventeen - The Shock and the Fall-Out
Chapter Eighteen - Three Rights and a Wrong
Chapter Nineteen - For Better, For Worse
Chapter Twenty - A Burden Shared
Chapter Twenty-One - Ugly Love
Chapter Twenty-Two - After the Storm
Chapter Twenty - Three - Letting Go
Chapter Twenty-Four - Let It Be
Chapter Twenty-Five - A Change of Scenery
Chapter Twenty-Six - There Can Only Be One
The Generation Two Finale - Fade to Gray

*SPECIAL CHAPTER  - Generation Two Spares - Where Are They Now?*

Generation Three - Gray Monroe

Chapter One - A House is not a Home
Chapter Two - The Things We Never Say
Chapter Three - Wicked Games
Chapter Four  - Keep On Trying
Chapter Five - Gone Girl
Chapter Six - Tears and Fears
Chapter Seven - I'll Be Seeing You
Chapter Eight - Choosing the Light
Chapter Nine - All Change
Chapter Ten - Holding On To You
Chapter Eleven - Second Chance at First Love
Chapter Twelve - Heart of Darkness
Chapter Thirteen - Degrees of Separation
Chapter Fourteen - Home Truths
Chapter Fifteen - Hard Choices
Chapter Sixteen - Mind, Matter & Maverick
Chapter Seventeen - Blind Spots
Chapter Eighteen - Denial and Diagnosis
Chapter Nineteen - Losing Sleep
Chapter Twenty - Slipping Through My Fingers
Chapter Twenty-One - This Wonderful Mess We've Made
Generation Three Finale - Last Orders

Generation Four - Lillia Monroe

Chapter One - Holding Court
Chapter Two - Sink or Swim
Chapter Three - Broken Reflections
Chapter Four - Facade and Failure
Chapter Five - Missing Pieces
Chapter Six - Irresistible
Chapter Seven - Guilty Secrets
Chapter Eight - Bad Penny
Chapter Nine - No More Hiding
Chapter Ten - Shame, Blame and Change
Chapter Eleven - Paying the Price

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